Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Promised Pictures...

I've decided/realized that it's going to be a while before I'm able to get some good pictures of this quilt. For the most part it is done, but I really think it needs something more. That "something" would be beads. Will judges like it? You know what? I don't care if they do or not. It's something that I want to do. And so, although it is "done," it is not finished. Like I said, it's going to be a while.

So, for now, I will show you my quilt. It measures approximately 4' x 6'. The rafters in the middle are not very big at all. They are all pieced. The clock above the design wall gives you a sense of size. The quilt is blocking, so it is pinned to a grid and drying. Actually, it should be dry by now. I'll check it when I'm done here.

Through the Waters
70.75" x 47.75"
Suzanne Kistler 2010

Here is a close-up of the rafters. Some of the pieces are 1/4" to the side. The hands are itty bitty, and all pieced. Only the paddles of the oars are appliqued.

I designed this quilt in a Ruth McDowell class in 2007, at Asilomar. I had a terrible time trying to draft the people. Ruth finally came to my table, studied my drawing for about 10 minutes, then drew lines. She is a genius. If you ever have a chance to take a class from her, don't be intimidated, just do it. It will blow your mind. In a good way. :)

Thank you for the comments on the tipping pictures. They had been taken straight on, I hadn't done anything to adjust them. I just tried to upload them and Blogger did the rest. It seems to go in cycles. I'll go for months without issue, then bam! bam! bam! I can't get anything to load correctly. I am very glad that today Blogger is in a good mood. I would have been pretty testy if these photos had flipped, now that I've finally taken them. Enjoy!!


Del said...

Congratulations on this quilt - it is a winner. The quilting seems to enhance the design. As I said previously, the water is very, very good. And I see you used satin stitch for the paddle handles - good idea. You can be proud! Love, Del

Lisa Ellis said...

This is truly an amazing piece. I really hope to see it make the rounds in the quilt show circuit.It's fabulous.

Penny said...

Good Golly, Miss Molly!! I want to be able to quilt/piece/create like you! Wow, is that intricate or what.

quiltedtime said...

Whew! This is the Suzanne we all know and love. Congratulations for sticking with it. Maybe some of our 12 step program did rub off on you last year:-).



Sara Kelly said...

You have outdone yourself! A truly winning quilt. Can't wait to see this one in person.

Deborah said...


pb said...

Suzie you did a magnificant job. You are such an inspiration and truly am thankful for the day i met you. But let's face it I will never do a quilt like you do.