Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Still Here!

I got a shout-out from a local friend, mentioning that I've been a bit lax on blogging. *sigh* I know. I apologize. I get caught up in doing this or that and I get out of the habit. Besides, I haven't done much worthy of note. It's worthy in my notebook, but is it worthy in yours?

Let's just see...

First I've traded cars with my son, and now have my sporty little red car back in my possession. My husband spent Memorial Day weekend cleaning his things out of my side of the garage (it took 3 days), and then I cleaned my things out. "My things" are primarily quilt show things. My side of the garage now looks like this. The shelves against the wall are loaded with drape and assorted quilt show paraphernalia.

Same son is returning from Davis this week, and might be here for more than a day. He might be here for the summer!! That means clearing out my quilt show "office," in which my paperwork was strewn from one end to the other. My office is now confined to the desk in the corner. Once I move the end table, the room will be ready for him. The basting tables will stay. Sorry, Adam.

I've done a bit of online shopping. I'd been lusting after Vicki's hand-dyes and finally succumbed. They are more scrumptious in person than they are on your monitor. I suspect I will be stroking them for a while before cutting into them.

I've also shopped at Kim's Etsy shop. She designs cute holiday patterns, and when I saw one accompanied by the wool necessary to actually make the pillow, well, it looks like a great project to me. Am I right?

Hancock's of Paducah has kept me on their email list, despite my lack of orders. I usually just hit delete. But this one said "batiks," so I called up the screen. oh my. They had quite a selection of markdowns. Yesterday I washed the blues that I ordered. They are now hanging outside to dry.

All the quilt show cleaning means that my Studio has been a low priority. Purchases from the quilt show (early April) are still in the bag on the ironing board. A quilt-for-hire is in the Bed Bath & Beyond bag below. My rafting quilt is rolled on top of everything. Boxes of clean sheets are below the quilt-for-hire. A hint of my Hoffman Challenge peeks out in the left corner of the photo.

My sewing table is equally bad. My chair is filled with more clean sheets that need to be folded, boxed, and put in the garage. I'll get to that today.

In the middle of all the cleaning, I quilted this little piece. It measures about 10" square. I'll probably add some beading to give it a little more oompf. It's hard to tell, but the trees have been thread-painted. A batik elk and bear show up better in person than in the photo.

This was put together from leftovers of a fish quilt (along with a few of the other quiltlets you've seen in the past few posts). My husband saw it pinned to the design wall and was drawn to it. May as well finish it up and give it to him for Father's Day, right?

I think that's a plan.

Hopefully I'll have something of greater interest to post by the end of the week. Hang in there, don't give up on me yet! ;)


Deborah said...

I love your car and your purchases! I'm sure you're happy about having your son all summer. I think your husband will be pleased with his present!

Brenda said...

Suzie, you probably told us before but I can't remember. Did you have your sewing table made to fit your machine "dropped in?" or did you find and buy the table like it is?

Del said...

I have decided that the thing to do with a blog is just write about whatever you are thinking or doing and let your blog friends decide to read it or not! Some of us just read the blogs of friends to keep up with their lives - doesn't have to be exciting or monumental. I'm glad to hear about your new vehicle; I can't tell what it is - maybe a Ford? I like your quilted card very much - will it have beads? Busy, Busy YOU! Love, Del-on-the-Road