Saturday, June 12, 2010

My New Cat

I heard that. You gasped. I'm sure of it. "What?!! Not ANOTHER cat!!" umm, well, yes, it is another cat. Only it's not my cat. Yeah, I know. You've heard that before as well.

Yesterday, in the applique class, I was absolutely captivated by Nancy's use of fabric. It reminds me very much of Ruth McDowell, and is a skill I'd love to eventually acquire. For now, I simply appreciate what others can do.

But this one quilt, oh my. I took multiple pictures, none of them could do it justice.

"Do you ever sell your work?" "Yes, but I don't have much with me..." "How about this one?" She looked unsure, quoted a price, and I said, "SOLD!" before she could change her mind.

Meet Mittens:

9.25" x 10.75"
Nancy S. Brown 2008

Mittens now lives at my home. Mittens used to live in Nancy's neighborhood. Images of him can be seen in many of her quilts. She said that this was her first memorial quilt for Mittens - she bought some of the fur fabric, especially to make a Mittens quilt, without knowing that earlier that day he'd gone out to the garden and breathed his last.

It's obvious that this cat was loved - you can see it in the attention given to every little detail.

Anyway, I thought you'd like to meet him. He's my newest cat. ;)


Anonymous said...

Mittens is such a cute addition to your "herd" of cats. He/she will be an easy keeper and should cause little if any trouble!! L

Tanya said...

Ooh what a lovely quilt! I'd snatch that up in a minute too!

Del said...

You have the right idea now - speak up, before someone else does. I think having a Nancy Brown quilt in your collection is super. Strangely enough, I told Mary and Joe about "Not my Cat" when we were visiting after dinner tonight. We were discussing how old "Bud" is - they adopted him and his late brother from a rescue group - they were feral and have never gotten to be cuddle cats. But I do love Bud, even tho' it took years before he would let me touch him.