Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No Pictures Today

It's not that I haven't taken them, I most certainly have.

Unfortunately my son has borrowed and apparently misplaced the cord to my card reader. Ergo, my pictures remain trapped in my card, inside my camera. boo hoo hoo.

Don't worry, you're not missing out on much.

I've made a few more quilted cards. One should be delivered tomorrow, so if I find the cord I can share the picture tomorrow without spoiling the surprise. :)

I've chosen the background for the NotMyCat applique. Thank you to those of you who have expressed your condolences. I am still in a bit of shock. I know this because I keep looking for him when I go out back. He really should be there. I ask myself, "Did you really expect him to live a dozen years?" hmmm. I suppose I did. Most of our cats have, unless they've contracted feline leukemia. Our current crop has been vaccinated, and Malcolm is pushing age 10. I guess I do expect them to always be here.

I've also been taking advantage of the World Cup. Call me an oddity, but I LOVE watching soccer. I even love watching soccer on TV. I love it so much that I'm watching it on Univision (Spanish language TV) when I don't speak any Spanish. I do understand, "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!" probably because I'm yelling the same thing as the announcer when someone actually scores.

Watching the World Cup is my legitimate excuse for hand-quilting during the middle of the day. I'm working on my Hoffman Challenge, and I'm hoping to finish it in the next few weeks. I showed it to my Art Group yesterday for the first time, and judging by the increase in noise (there are a dozen of us), I think it was well received. I was talking, so I didn't hear the words that they said. I do think this falls in the top 3 of the 8 entries I've made since 2003. I hope the Hoffman people like it too . :)

And I guess that's about it. Sorry to only give you words today. I have some more puttering to do in the Studio before I head out to hunt for the cord with fresh eyes. Happy Quilting!!

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