Friday, June 4, 2010

Trying To Organize

Thank you to all of you for such encouraging comments regarding my rafting quilt. I really appreciate them, and you!! :)

Today I tried to organize myself a bit. Last night I basted a quilt-for-hire as well as my Hoffman Challenge. Today I put a couple of hours into the quilt-for-hire. As a refresher, I quilt with my Bernina, not a long-arm, so the work is different than you might be imagining. I'm glad that the quilt is not a large one. I don't feel like I'm wrassling it, I'm just quilting it.

My reward for doing what I was supposed to do (baste the quilts and begin quilting) was to finish up another little quilted card. This is different from the last river, it features a bear rather than a fish.

Once I'd finished, I looked at my bead box and groaned. It needs help.

This morning I swung by an Estate sale and picked up this box. The lid slides on, so unless it breaks, it's unlikely that I will accidentally spill all the contents.

These beads have been somewhat organized, but they're stuffed too tightly to be able to find anything.

Here they are, after I've worked on them for a while.

Don't they look much better? I think they do. Hopefully I'll have better luck finding my beads. Unfortunately I am still trying to find the iridescent fish beads that I bought in August. I've used two of them and I should have 4 more swimming around somewhere.

I also wanted to show these cute crocheted pansies. I cut them off a stained piece of linen. I think I paid $2 for the lot. I don't know what I'm going to do with them, but I couldn't resist.

That's all for now. Hope you are also getting a chance to play in your quilt room. It's a blast! :)

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