Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Bit of Busy-ness

My Studio has been a disastrous mess for much too long. Things have piled up as I spent time on my Hoffman and ignored all else. I've been trying to restore some sort of order, but real progress has been slow. Most of the "progress" is due to moving the big things into another room.

I know. That's cheating. But my son got a job and moved to Santa Monica and I couldn't let that lovely space go to waste. :)

Here is the current status of my sewing surface. There's almost room to sew.

That rolled up quilt in the background is my whitewater rafting quilt. It's waiting for me to add beads before I call it Completely Finished.

I sewed together another quilt for Komforters for Kids, our guild philanthropic project. It will end up with a community service officer, to be given to a child in distress.

And finally, I put together some postcards for a Postmark'd Art exchange. I'm new to this sort of thing, and had a bit of a challenge trying to get the post office to actually accept one for mailing.

I've only mailed one of the cards, I'm waiting to hear if it arrives before I mail the others.

These cards measure 4" x 6", which is considerably smaller than the 5" x 7" quilted cards that are my usual MO. It's called moving out of my comfort zone. It's a challenge to pull together an idea in such a small space.

And I think that's it for now. My BOTV bookmarks are ready to pick up. Yes, it's time to remind everyone about our upcoming April 2011 show...Let the publicity begin!

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Deborah said...

Your cards are beautiful! Nice color and movement.