Friday, July 30, 2010

EW, yuck!

I spent yesterday morning playing with my Itty Bitty friendship group. We stitched, we talked, we compared notes.


Charlotte started raving about her Dyson vacuum cleaner. yeah, yeah, I've seen the commercials. I'm not interesting in their roller ball technology. whoop-de-do.

But then she caught my attention. "I'm vacuuming Irish Setter hair, and I haven't had an Irish Setter for 15 years! My ancient carpet now has pile, leaving footprints when I walk on it!"

No way. Seriously? My carpet is groddy. But I've got cats, and one of them has a penchant for puking. I refuse to get new carpet until my cat is gone. And I won't do him in just because I don't feel like cleaning up after him any more.

Then Wendy chimed in. "Really?!! I have one, and I thought my house was just that dirty!" Her vacuum sucks dirt from who-knows-where.

Well, on their say-so, I had to try it. It's an expensive proposition, since their "animal" edition is the top of the line.

I just vacuumed two days ago. My carpet never looks clean. I have an Oreck.

A few hours ago, I brought the Dyson into the house. I vacuumed one room. It's the living room, but it's not a terribly big room. Look what I pulled out of the carpet:

I know. It's totally disgusting. I should have taken a "before" picture, because look at the carpet!!!

I emptied the canister and ran the vacuum down the hall and did a brief run through of the Studio. (On Tuesday - or was it Monday? - I'd moved all the furniture and vacuumed thoroughly.) Yet when I ran the Dyson through the room, here's what it collected.

I don't think I've ever been so delighted to be so disgusted. yay!!! Out with the Oreck, this Dyson is here to stay!!


Vicki W said...

Yep, my Mom talked me into getting one (she had a Dalamation). We don't have a dog but we have one that visits often (outside only) and you wouldn't believe the dog hair we vacuum up from what we track in!

Nina-Marie said...

Oh Suzanne - thanks for the post! I've been thinking about one since right now I'm using a 20 year old Kirby. Still I haven't replaced it because haven't found anything that works as well out there. I've been looking for something lighter and more mobile - sounds like the Dyson fits the bill!! Plus don't you feel a sense of accomplishment when you see all the dirt?! I'll put it on my wish list!

Penny said...

Next to my Beloved Janome, my Dyson is my favorite possession. I love it, love it, love it.

With Samoyeds, I am not even going to bother with anything else. Of course, my cannister looks WHITE after sweeping but there will be dirt at the bottom. It is kind of interesting to see what comes out, nasty as that sounds. Oreck is good, but not in the same class.