Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lovely Ladies, Lovely Quilts

This evening I went to a Quilt Exhibit at the Tulare Historical Museum. It was the Artists' Reception for the opening of the new gallery display. The work of my friends Ann Hinman and Debbie VanFossen hung around the room drawing oohs and aahs from all in attendance.

Debbie is on the left, Ann is on the right, both are standing in front of their own work. Between these two, most of the winners of the Best of Show ribbons from the past decade of the Tulare County Fair were here for us to examine.

Their work complements each other's quite nicely. Ann leans towards a more traditional style, Debbie tweaks it with color and glitz. Every wall was filled with eye candy. yum.

I was impressed by the crowd, and thought you might enjoy seeing how full the room was.

It was the cause for flashbacks. This museum was where Best of the Valley was born, back in 1995. We filled this room to capacity, along with a second room in the museum and a room in the library. It was all new and exciting, and I had no idea where we would be 15 years later.

wow. Thanks for the memories, and congratulations Ann & Debbie!!

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Barbara said...

I hope to get there this weekend. Glad there was a good turnout. I would have come but we had guild tonight.