Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Postmark'd Art

About 6 weeks ago, I was invited to join a postcard exchange called Postmark'd Art. I'm not sure if I've blogged about it or not. I know I've been thinking about it a lot. I often read of block exchanges in others' blogs, and think, "Oh! I'd like to do that!" but I never have. Until now.

Using my daughter's birthday card as inspiration, I put together these four postcards. Here they are, before embellishment. Apparently Blogger is jealous, as it has seen fit to tip the picture. grr.

Here they are again, in their final state. I mailed the bulk of them yesterday. They each measure 4" x 6".

This little fishie is leftover from a Lone Star quilt that I made featuring goldfish... He has little beaded bubbles coming out of his mouth that you cannot see.

These little fishies are also blowing bead bubbles, hiding above some fun fringe-y stuff purchased from a yarn dealer. A dolphin jumps above sea level.

This card has some fishy romance, amid lots of bubbles and "sea weed."

And finally, Nemo's family is hiding in more fuzzy stuff. They must think there are sharks nearby. Silly fishies. It's only a sea horse!

All of these cards were mailed without envelopes. The names and addresses were printed on the back, and a stamp was pressed on for postage. I mailed one last week. Once I knew that it arrived at its destination, I mailed the other three. The cost to mail? Sixty-four cents. That's 44 cents for postage, plus a 20 cent fee for being non-machinable.

If you'd like a bigger picture, you can always click on it. It should give you a much larger view. Hope you enjoyed the show!!


Vicki W said...

They turned out great!

Nina-Marie said...

WOW - I love these - they can be little studies! I would have had it a hard time mailing them too. Oh and blogger tipped my pic too - so it doesn't like me either! Can't wait to see more!