Monday, July 26, 2010

Some Souvenirs

Most of the people that I know, who shop at quilt shows, buy fabric. I may buy some here or there, but unless I have a specific project in mind, I'm not looking for fabric. I'm looking for other things. I'm looking for specialty items. I'm looking for...

Hey! I love this!! Lisa took me over to the table to get this. I stuck it on and wore it all day. I would have worn it to bed, but it would have gotten wrinkled. okay, so perhaps I exaggerate. But not by much. ;)

The one item I really wanted was "a boatload of beads." haha! Again, I exaggerate. I didn't come home with a boatload. I came home with a baggie.

I have a certain project in mind that could use sparkling trim. When I "rushed" past a booth featuring trim, I stopped when I saw $5/spool or 5/$20 sign. Each "spool" had a minimum of 5 yards. I stopped and poked around and selected five. Even if I don't use them, the cost was inviting enough to take the chance that I just might.

As I was rushing back and forth by the vendors (looking for the bead lady), I was drawn to the clothing. Funny, I should be shopping for my work, not for my wardrobe! This jacket jumped off the rack and practically onto my back. It's the right colors, and it's got iris. Need I say more?

I was actually going to leave this jacket on the rack, because I wanted the red kimono wrap. But it didn't fit. When I brought the iris over for purchase, she said, "Did you try the extra small?" hahahaha!! Of course I didn't try the XS, I'm not XS!! But guess what?!! I AM, at least for this garment.

And then, since I couldn't leave the show without a commemorative tshirt, I bought this.

I called my husband from the bus and thanked him for all of the new clothes. He likes the red kimono the best.

***Can anyone explain to me why I feel self-conscious asking someone else to take my picture for me but I have no problem taking a dozen pictures of myself? Does that mean I'm a self-indulgent ego-maniac? I know these would come out much better if someone else took them, but I get antsy when I give up the camera...Maybe it's a control thing...

Finally, here's something that looks good no matter who is behind the lens. It was dinner for our Sunday night College/Career Fellowship: Make-your-own sandwiches with croissants, roast beef, salami, pastrami, pickles, tomatoes, cheese, fresh watermelon, fresh-picked blueberries, homemade potato salad and Mother's Cookies. mmm good!

Last night's turnout was less than expected, so we get to have leftovers tonight. I'm so excited!!


Nina-Marie said...

Oh Suzanne - I'm always looking for cool notions at garage sales and the Goodwill - you never know what you are going to find! The jackets are great!

Deborah said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I love your purchases. I prefer to look for beads and other treasures, too, things you wouldn't ordinarily find.

pb said...

love the jackets and the beads. really cool stuff. glad you are doing PQIF in two days.

Anonymous said...

Yum for freshly picked blueberries!