Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taking Things Apart...

This week seems to be a good week for dismantling.

Son Adam started it a couple of days ago, as he took apart a non-functioning laptop. Sorry about the flip, Blogger did it.

Once he got it apart, he found something that said this is "not recommended, unless done by an Electrical Engineer with a lot of time" on his hands. That would be my boy. He's got an internship this summer, but he's also got some free time. yay!!

I jumped on the dismantling bandwagon, when son Andrew requested a few chairs for his new place. I'll send him a couple of unmatched chairs, and replace them with my grandfather's chairs. I've had these chairs for 15 years, always wanting to refinish the wood and recover the seats.

Today I decided that it will be years before I refinish the chairs. I bought the fabric for the seats 6 months ago, it's high time to take action.

Today, instead of beading during the World Cup, I attacked the chairs.

There are four chairs (for some reason I thought there were five, but I can't find #5). It took a while to pull out the old staples and clean them up again.

And here we've got the finished project. okay, so it's not really finished, since I didn't do the refinishing part...

Another thing I did today was wash a quilt. I guess that's one good thing about HOT, dry weather. It was dry within a couple of hours. After I took the picture, I covered the quilt with a sheet, to prevent fading.

This quilt was made from blocks of the month that I won at guild in 1991. How long before it's considered an antique? heh heh, probably not as long as I'd like to think!!!

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Deborah said...

You certainly manage to get a lot done! The chairs have lovely details.