Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Bit of Kitsch

Well, "Fish Dance" is finished and out of the house. whew! Silly me. I forgot to snap a picture. Hopefully I'll get one next week and will post it at that time. It still has some migratory blue, but it's not as offensive as it was at first. It helps if I take off my glasses when I look at the back. ;)

I've started doing something a bit odd, but it makes me happy, so I guess I'll continue. It happens when I trim a quilt into square. hmm. All that quilting? Going to waste?

Inspired particularly by Deborah, I want to make use of my snips and strips. Here is the leftover from trimming Fish Dance:

Later today I plan to zig-zag it together into a nice little piece of fiber art, like this one:

I added a pin in the frame, to give you a sense of scale. This one was leftovers from trimming "Buzz," the quilt I made in the Nancy Brown class. I didn't have a black and white cat charm, but the black and white button makes a fine substitute.

Now on to the kitsch...

Yesterday I saw Pat for the first time in months. She brought me a present, along with the declaration, "This reminded me of you!!"

I'm not sure what I think about that. "Glitzy Bird Brain"? "Gaudy In an Endearing Sort of Way"? How, exactly, did this remind her of me? ;)

She says it's because I like to go to Estate Sales. She says this is something to add to my Estate. Like I have one. ;)

And the kitschiest thing of all about this bird? It's a pill box!!!

and I thought I'd seen everything...

Thank you, Pat, you crack me up!!


Loris said...

You mentioned your class with Nancy Brown and I had to check back in your posts to read about it. (I'm a new follower so didn't see it before) I loved my class with Nancy too. Amazed me that I could come close to doing what she does. Would love to see a picture of your Buzz quilt. I made her giraffe pattern and have it posted on my blog. Fun little art you are making with your remnants :-)

Del said...

Glad you have sent your "Fish Dance" on for someone else to take care of. Me thinks you obsessed a little too much! LOVE the pill box, however, I don't see the resemblance! Using up those little slices is sooo satisfying - just don't save them for "later" or you will end up with an entire box of them. Ask me how I know!

pb said...

I think she's cute and did not realize she was a pill box that makes her even more special. She is something an old granny would have that the kids would not like so they would put in an estate sale and someone like you would pick her up and treat her nicely.