Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Done

Did I tell you that I'd entered unfinished quilts in the County Fair? What was I thinking?!!

I was thinking, "ooh! Deadlines are great motivators!" Well, they are that, but precluding some sort of distortion in the space/time continuum, there's no way all four of my unfinished quilts will make it by 6pm Friday.

All I had to do on this particular quilt was to quilt the borders and bind it. And label it. And put a sleeve on it. It's still sleeveless, but other than that, it is done. I guess it's a baby quilt...for a very large baby. :)

To give you an idea of the size of the quilt, here is the quilt holder. What a handsome devil!!!

But I digress...

I was talking of unfinished quilts. Today's list says, "Quilt 'Fish Dance,' bind, label and sleeve; sleeve Baby Quilt; baste Tropical Stone Mosaic."

hahahahahaha!!!! I must be some kind of lunatic.

And you know what? This finally finished baby quilt wasn't even on my 2010 UFO list, which still boasts 35 UFO's!!! At least "Fish Dance" is on the UFO's hoping that we'll get another cross-off by Friday.

Gotta go, gotta sew!!!


Del said...

Gotta get REAL! WHAT were you thinking - Superquilter? Good luck with finishing one or two.

quiltedtime said...

I'm with Del. In fact, I'm so finished with deadlines right now that I am just going to lay low and ENJOY quilting this year. I'll finish when I finish.