Saturday, September 11, 2010

Out of Control?

I was at a loose end today, trying to fill my morning without thinking, and so, I hopped in my car in search of treasure. Two of the "Estate Sales" weren't really, the last one was a winner. :)

The favorite thing that I walked out with was this piece of "Ironstone China," by Wood & Sons of England.

Both the seller and an older neighbor informed me that it was "a chamber pot," as though I did not know what I was holding. I knew EXACTLY what it was. However, unlike the two of them, I have never used one. The seller grew up in Iowa, with an outhouse, and the chamber pot was their best friend during the winter. Her neighbor moved to the Midwest from Holland when she was nine. She left a home with hot and cold running water, to live in a place with a chamber pot. Needless to say, she was convinced that the US was a third world country. ;)

I paid $10 for the pot, and $1 each for these bowls stamped "USA." I like their shape.

I also found these two plastic bags, filled with crochet. "$10 each." wow. I bought them just to see what they held.

Here are the contents of the first bag. There's actually a second, smaller bag, that was inside the larger bag. I haven't emptied it yet.

I have no idea what I will do with all of these doilies, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking that if I ever decide to start crazy quilting, I'll need some lace and tatting.

This is my favorite piece so far, unfortunately it is torn. It looks like a circle ringed with fir trees. Apparently Blogger is also attracted to it. Don't tip my picture, Blogger!

At noon I went to a memorial service for a long-time quilting friend. I am pretty torn up about her passing, and have a hard time talking. I knew her for 23 years. She was always there to offer whatever I needed, whether it be comfort or correction, a hug or a scolding. She even filled my mom's shoes, by periodically correcting my spelling or grammar in email. Now that they're both gone, who's going to read me carefully enough to proof what I write?

I'll miss you, Mary Schorr. You were a treasure.


Del said...

I am sorry about your friend - it is hard to grow old without the people who mean so much to us. I will try to fill in for her and correct you whenever I find a error, but, so far, I haven't noticed that you make many mistakes. Congrats on the treasures from the estate sale - I think I belong to the last generation of chamber pot users. My granny's pots all had roses on them, which I think is why I never cared for hand painted china on a table.

Vicki W said...

If I had all that lace I would be out sun printing first thing tomorrow! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. It sounds like she was a real jewel!

Lisa Ellis said...

My friend Claudia Sammis made a fabulous quilt using family dollies. If you decide you want to do something with your new treasures, I'll try to connect you.