Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

Years ago my mom sold me on Rowenta. It was her iron of choice - back then, the professional version cost mega-bucks. It now costs half what we used to pay. "If you use good equipment, the job will be much more enjoyable."

She was right. When my Rowenta worked, it was fantastic. When the second one worked, it was great. Same with the third. And the fourth. And...shouldn't an iron last more than a couple of years? Come on!

My current Rowenta gets hot. Really hot. Really really hot. TOO hot. I was a bit concerned when it started super-heating last week, but when it started leaking as well? It was definitely time to replace it. I was afraid I was going to electrocute myself. It leaks out the bottom, and only leaks when standing up. What's with that?!!

Today I was in Target, and looked at the Rowentas. And decided that I'm not going to plunk down the bucks for an iron that won't last. I'll plunk down fewer bucks for an unknown.

Say "Hi" to my new assistant. It's not out of the box yet, but I'm hoping that it will quickly become my BFF. If not, there's always another Rowenta out there, just waiting to come home.


Del said...

Irons are such an individual possession, we usually buy the same kind year after year. My choice for most of my adult life has been the cheapest Black & Decker I can find. Sometimes it lasts a year, sometimes two or three, but since I only pay $20 or less I just buy a new one. However, I have some guilt about throwing all those old irons in the land fill - I wonder how large a hole I have filled with irons. Good luck with your Shark, I haven't heard anything bad about them - might be the best iron you have ever owned.

Nina-Marie said...

We are only on our second Rowenta in 12 years so we're doing here. I bought professional ones but got a good deal on ebay - plus I needed an iron that wouldn't automatically shut off (they're hard to find!) Let us know how the shark goes!!!

Kay said...

I had one of those $200 Rowenta steam generators when I made clothing to sell. It was wonderful until it stopped working under warranty. I sent it back. (Imagine what a pain that was!) Then it stopped again a year later. As you say, when they work, they're great, but I will never buy one again. Cheap is good for irons. They heat, that's what counts, and when they don't, you replace them.

quiltedtime said...

I agree with Del. Black & Decker is the way to go. I get the ones that are a little more on the higher end--because they DO turn off automatically if they tip over or are left in one position too long. I also like them because they are lightweight, too. Easy to handle and not to tiresome. They last about 5 years, which is saying something since I iron every single day:-).