Thursday, September 9, 2010

Playing For an Hour

Thank you, everyone, for your positive comments regarding the quilt-for-hire. I'm glad to know that my fiddling with the quilt was a desirable action, not one that would offend. I've finished pin-basting, and it looks terrific. I know this quilt will quilt quickly, in that I know exactly how I'm going to quilt it, it's just finding the time to get it done.

This morning was guild, and we enjoyed a trunk show from Peggy Martin. Her work is quite bright and lively, and maybe I should have brought my camera along. I thought about it, and then forgot about it. I seem to be a bit distracted these days. Maybe it's all of my looming deadlines?

When I got home, I had a couple of hours to burn and a huge mess on my sewing table. Rather than start in on the for-hire work, I thought I'd sew up some of the mess.

Remember those scraps I'd trimmed from Fish Dance? They've been repurposed into a new little (very small) quilt.

I bought the large ceramic fish button in Long Beach in 2008. The stick is from Hartland, I believe the raffia was from a package I received for my birthday. Now if I could only find the copper wire that I bought to hang these stick-mounted quilts....It's around here somewhere!!!

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Del said...

Cute little quilt. Now, don't get addicted to doing things with those saved scraps. Or soon you will find your focus has gotten sidetracked when there are bigger and better creations in your head (and hands)!