Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quilting At The Fair

These are some of the Valley Oak Quilters, busy working on next year's opportunity quilt. L to R they are Elaine, moi, Kathy, Barbara, Dyanne, Ann and Jerry. I hope I got the names right! I just got back from working a shift with them. The quilt is lovely, all hand-appliqued and hand-quilted. The blocks are coxcomb.

I came home to pick up hubby so we can head back to the fair. I won tickets for Beatle Majesty, and we've got a date. woohoo! ;)

Oh! I found my last lost little quilt, poor thing! It was hanging there, plain as day...sporting a red ribbon! I can't believe I forgot my camera. I'll go back tonight, and document it.

When we were kids in 4-H, we used to try to get a ribbon of every color, if we did, we were over the moon. I almost did it this year...I'm just missing a white one.

I wonder if I have any more entries that I've forgotten about? ;)

*** I did forget to mention that the above photo was taken by Linda Matthews. Thank you, Linda!!


Vicki W said...

It looks like a fun day, not unlike my day with some really cool mail! Thank you! What a treat and I can't wait to sunprint this week.

Nina-Marie said...

Oh I would love to quilt at the fair - talk to all neighbors as they go by!! Our fair was great but the quilt entries was way down. . . .wonder if its that quilting isn't as popular or the judging is scarring people away.....This was the first time I hadn't entered a quilt in 17 years!