Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's Treasure Hunt

I've gone out and am back again, toting "treasure." You know what they say about one man's junk...

yeah. It's now mine. :) I couldn't resist the "DCCA Tulare" logo on this beat up old milk can. I bought it for Pete. Will he or won't he like it? Milk can? Tulare? Can I really go wrong with this? Probably, but the price was right, so it's a gamble I'll take.

At the same place, I found this petit point purse. Lovely. It matches a purse that I inherited from my mom, only this one is twice the size. The red leather interior is in mint condition. $5. Do I need it? No. Did I buy it? Of course.

Finally, I bought these "real shell" necklaces for $1 apiece. If anyone is looking for shells to embellish their fiber art, I highly recommend checking out your local yard sales. There are plenty of people who have outgrown their Hawaiian souvenirs, and the price beats that of a craft or bead store.

I also liked the bright blue geode slice. I'm sure it's dyed, but it matches the blue/white corner of the living room. For another dollar? I'll take it.

The other treasure I have to share is a website. Yesterday I linked my SAQA quilt purchase to Susan Brubaker Knapp's blog. I should have linked to her website. This morning I had time to sit down and explore it. ohmygosh!!! If you are a fan of art quilts, and even if you're not, click HERE for something that just might take your breath away.


quiltedtime said...

Dang, girl! You got some good stuff! Better guard that purse. I have some outfits that it would just match:-).

Josi Bunder said...

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