Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guild Challenge

The first thing I need to do is apologize. I do not know the names of all of these quilts. If any of you know, please tell me and I will update this post accordingly.

I loved each and every entry. I particularly enjoyed hearing the narratives at the unveiling. I do wish we'd had some of the information before voting, but that's okay. Everyone came out a winner. My thanks go to Wendy, our Challenge Chairwoman. I thought the voting process was a great improvement, and I really liked that every participant got $5, just for bringing a quilt. It was a nice affirmation, and a complete surprise.

The theme was "Self Portrait." The overall winner, receiving the most votes, was Cowgirl Grandma. Okay, so I don't really know what the name of the quilt was, but here she is.

Self Portrait: Grammy is a Cowgirl
Betsy Peterson

She's cooking on a wood stove, and says she's still a cowgirl at heart.

Second place went to this quilt. Much of it has felt wool applique. I recommend that you click on each picture, to see some of the detail. The family on this one is quite precious. There is a lot of dimensional applique.

Self Portrait - surrounded by family and serving the Lord
Wendy Van Beek

The third place quilt was made by a Grandmother who spends all her time ferrying grandchildren or driving to watch their various activities.

Self Portrait: "I saw this year go by through the windshield of my car."
Barbara Daniel

This next quilt was interactive, you could lift up the shirt and see a new addition to Sallie's life. Many of the fabrics were collected during her travels.

Self Portrait
Sallie Holden

I'm not sure about the next one, but I think it was called something like "If you don't like your hair, wear a hat." The quilt was based on a photograph, taken by her husband.

Self Portrait- wear a hat!
Iva Gibbons

The next was done by a quilter who says she wanted to illustrate her colorful personality. I think she did a marvelous job.

Self Portrait
Randi Speckman

This Quilt Diva has a LOT of personality!

Self Portrait - Quilt Diva
Shirley Wright

The next quilt depicts the quilter's love of coffee, in mugs made of fabrics celebrating her passions. The symbol of her church is on the coffee pot, as it is an important part of her life. Again, click on the picture, to see detail.

Self Portrait
Paula McFarland

Last and least is my little quilt. It is called "Self Portrait: Laid Bare." On the label is Hebrews 4:13, "...all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do."

Self Portrait: Laid Bare
Suzanne Kistler

And that's a wrap of this year's Valley Oak Quilt Guild Challenge.

P.S. I've added a photo of a birthday card that I delivered today. Better late then never? Happy birthday, Mrs. Van Beek!!


Lisa Ellis said...

These are fabulous! And of course I love yours. Psalm 139 has always been a favorite and love your imagery.

Nina-Marie said...

I love them all - but when I saw the Laid bare one I thought - wow now that's cool - tooo funny that it was yours!!!! GMTA! Thanks for sharing!!

quiltedtime said...

These are precious!