Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Retreat

I spent the past four days at another retreat. This was our guild retreat, held at Wonder Valley. The guild has been going for who-knows-how-many years, this was my third time. It was my most restful and productive attendance so far.

This retreat is different from the Hartland retreat. For one, these ladies know each other VERY well. Some of us have been quilting together for decades. Here's a view of the room; SO much industry is apparent.

The food trough was at the opposite end of the room. You can see us lined up behind Deborah, who is still at work, making the most of her time.

This is my work station. We each had 4' of an 8' table. My tablemate and I shared the space with the iron and laundry basket and bag underneath. (Yes, my basket is full of thread. What you can't see are my two additional boxes of thread under the table.)

This is the one project I completed during the four days. (Key word here is "completed.")

As I left Wonder Valley, I saw this sign.

I immediately saw these guys.

On the other side of the road were these guys.

Around the next bend were these guys. They didn't have a sign, but they should have. There were more than two of them.

One of the highlights took place just before I left. We were invited to make Komforters for Kids (our service project) over the weekend. For each top completed, we were given a chance to win a purse/bag. There were three bags to choose from.

Once I'd seen the prizes, I spent an hour making two tops. My name wasn't drawn first, it was drawn second. This was my choice, a beautiful tote made by Ann Hinman. (Blogger is jealous and tipped my picture.)

Here is the reverse side. She made it from leftovers of a table top project.

That's all I've got for you at this time. I'm back home and back at work on the quilts for hire. The brown quilt is coming right along, and I'm hoping to finish it by Wednesday. Goals are good!

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Nina-Marie said...

thanks for sharing about the retreat - oh and the cows LOL!! I know what you mean when you get ladies that have quilted together forever. At QBL there are ladies that have been going for literally decades - year after year - 10 years later I'm just being accepted . . .I think its because I'm finally aging into the group! LOL