Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Bit o Gifting...

I hinted at my odd gifting selections this year. My husband thinks I'm a bit tetched in the head.

First, I brought a bag of cooking persimmons, to pass around the room for those interested.

Next, I passed out some of these:

I bagged them, giving out two or three corms a piece. These "beauties" will grow up to be orchids, that grow best when ignored. My kind of flowers!

Finally, I went to this bin of harvested coxcomb.

The seeds look like bug poop. It's not. They're seeds. Really.

I bagged them with planting instructions on one side (scratch into the ground, full sun, ignore) and a photo on the other.

On a different note, I hear that my niece's birthday package arrived yesterday in Alaska. Her birthday is not until tomorrow, but she already got a peek at her card.

I quilted the snowflake, then embellished it with beads. I LOVE the effect!

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pb said...

Your gifts were perfect nothing wierd about them. Love the card but I love my snowflakes and I am going to bead another tonight.