Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cleaning House

I should start this post with a picture of a shovel. It's what would really help, if I were serious about digging out my Studio and unearthing something to work on. Instead, you can supply all visual imagery necessary. You've seen enough pictures of my Studio at its worst. Think of that, then multiply by two. Or three.

Yeah, you get the picture. :)

We've just wrapped up a few delightful days with our kids. They came to visit in shifts, so although we got to spend time with all of them, it was not simultaneous. We're down to two in town, Adam leaves on Friday. School resumes on Monday. Two quarters left, then we'll have a stable full of college graduates. woo hoo!!

I thought you might enjoy seeing part of the living room "mess." Malcolm claims he has no interest in dolls, yet he perched here for quite a while.

Now why would Mom pull out Sweetie's baby dolls at this juncture? Was it just a trip down Memory Lane? Or did something spark the interest? hmmm.

Stay tuned for that one...

Now, back to trying to mine the Studio...

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