Friday, December 17, 2010

Maybe Not The Ugliest...

but she's close!!!

Her name is Chupacabra. She wandered onto a client's dairy over a month ago, and decided to stay.

Obviously she's a show dog, with the nice posture, the clipped ears and the bobbed tail. What's not to love?

The dog vet estimates that she's about 10 years old. As she's been abandoned, and she decided to offend and insult the primary dog of the dairyman she adopted, he looked to us to offer her a new home. The walnut property needs a dog on the premises, and the boy needs a dog. We'll see how this works out. She did come with a good return policy. In fact, we hear she's a come-home dog, and may return to the dairy - 10 miles away - on her own.

On a prettier note, I cleaned my kitchen.

When the counters get this cleared off, it's worthy of TWO photographs.

I promised pictures from the Itty Bitty Christmas gifting - here are many more great ideas: honey, pomegranate jelly, soap, a pail, a striped festive fabric bag, a Quilt Art engagement calendar, udder cream, dried pluots, Jan Krentz playing cards, a post-it note pad holder for the phone, an embroidery pattern, a little quilt holder, a little quilt, an ornament, and a Merry Christmas embroidery. whew!! Love it all!! Thank you, Itty Bitties!!

Other than the dog, the only thing new around here is rain, rain, and more rain. It poured all night, and our pool, which we siphoned on Thursday, is once again full. See the tile, behind the duck? You should be able to see another repeat of the tile pattern, but the water covers it. I don't think we've ever had to drain this much water from the pool in the same month, let alone the same week!!!

I did get the lights on the tree yesterday. Now on to the decorations!


Deborah said...

Nice kitchen! I hope it works out with the dog, she looks sweet!

Del said...

What a cruel name for the dog. I hope she finds a good home somewhere. Maybe she would look better if she had a bath?
Lovely job on the kitchen - maybe I should tackle mine. Nahhh, nobody see it but me and, so far, it hasn't bothered me that much.