Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday's EVENT

Did I promise you pictures from Monday? I think I did. That was the night Sew Eclectic got together to celebrate Christmas. Pat and Mel were our hosts, as they have been almost every year since our group was born. Those two have the gift of hospitality, displayed in a manner not often seen.

Not only do they put together a marvelous meal, they decorate to the hilt. Do you think I will ever get to the point where I even BEGIN to think about decorating details, past, "ummm, I need to start with a tree..." ? I seriously doubt it.

Here's a close-up of one table's centerpiece. My mom used to do things like this, she took a class in flower arranging to learn how. I think she found the time once we (all five of us) were out of the house. It's never crossed my mind (until now) that an option like that was available...

There was a "big kids" table...

And a "kiddie" table...

And while Sew Eclectic feasted like queens, Mel stayed in the kitchen as overseer.

Wonderful things came out of that kitchen.

After dinner, there was a flurry of gift giving. This is when I passed out my garden/produce gifts. In return, I came home with these lovelies. grr. Blogger. Jealous again?

I thought you might like seeing these, as there are some wonderful ideas for gift-giving.

There are lotions and potions and a hand-embroidered felt ornament, a felt stocking, notepad, fat quarters, a packet with a hand-dye PLUS hand-dyed silk cocoons!, a potholder (filled with 2 layers of batting and a center layer of...therma- or insula- something?), a postcard, a bookmark, and a coin purse made from a fat quarter I'd given the maker a year or so ago. How fun!!!

Did this help? Did you get any last minute gift-giving ideas?

Finally I give you the piece de resistance...Sew Eclectic, Christmas 2010

Back Row: Suzanne, Barbara D, DeAnn, Pat, Kristin
Middle Row: Sara, Beth, Elaine, Barbara S
Front Row: Wanda, Debbie, Charlotte, Sharon, Deolinda

You can still see our gallery show through December 24, at Arts Visalia. Merry Christmas!!!

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