Monday, December 13, 2010

Party On, Dudette...

It has been a busy weekend, that much is certain.

Not only have I been busy, the walnut trees have also been busy. They've dropped all of their leaves, which have turned an unremarkable orangish brown. Their barren limbs stretch in a skeletal manner towards the grey fog-filled heavens.

The pictures I took on Friday were apparently an extraordinary opportunity. Our new neighbor tells me that never has he seen such golden beauty, and he grew up tending walnuts. I may have to enlarge one of my photos and frame it!

In between admiring nature, I've been partying. Party on Thursday, parties on Friday, party on Saturday. I have another party tonight.

On Saturday, we took our College/Career Fellowship out for a day of fun. We started off in Fresno, ice skating.

What? You didn't know you could ice skate in Fresno? I wouldn't have thought of it, but yes, you can!

This was my first view, as I entered the ice: in the foreground is my oldest son, just ahead of him is his dad. Wait for Mom? Apparently it's everyone for himself out there.

By the time the skating session drew to a close, hubby was having a grand time. Look at that smile!

Here is our group, as we wait for the Zamboni to clean the ice.

And here I am, to prove that I was, indeed, there.

After skating, we came back to Visalia, then went to El Rosal for some dinner. After that, our church had a Christmas Dessert Theater, featuring "Dave The Horn Guy."

Dave was pretty amazing, and as goofy as he looks, he's got quite the talent. He knows how "ridiculous" his talent is, and milks it to the max. You should visit his website, for free ring tones and just to see what he's got to offer. Apparently on Friday, they're releasing a Dave The Horn Guy App - you poke him and he honks! Check here, for more info.

That's all I've got for you for now.

Tomorrow I will show you my goofy "what a weirdo" gifts that I'm giving to my Art Group tonight. My husband just shook his head. Seriously? You're giving that to your friends?

Well yes, indeed I am. I think they will like them. Won't they? I'll find out tonight.

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