Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pictures Today

I actually remembered to bring my camera with me to guild today. I stopped at the end of our street for the stop sign, and to take a picture of the park. The colors are spectacular.

I even pulled over to take more pictures. ooh. aah.

Will my gingkoes look like this when they grow up?

Our guild officers fed us lunch. mmm, good! Turkey, rice pilaf, green bean casserole, desserts, it was delicious! We brought our own place settings. I brought the tablecloth, napkins and plates, Elaine brought the silverware, and Wendy brought the centerpiece. Isn't it cute?

I saw more than one camera out, keeping a record.

The decorations were quite varied. Hey, I think this table topper was made at last month's quilt retreat!

These folks even brought their own sparkling cider. What do you think, Virginia, does this look like a good vintage?

If this morning was anything to judge by, this holiday season is going to be quite delightful!

Now, back to work... :)

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