Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sew Faster! Sew Faster!

I haven't been near my Studio in a week.

That's a lie. I've been near it, I just haven't sewn. I've used it as a dumping ground, as usual. Sheesh! Do I really even leave all the cupboards open! How do you expect anyone to be able to work in there?!!

Usable ironing board space? No, not really.

Surely there is space on the sewing table? No, not really.

Aha!! I've found it!!! The one clean spot in the entire room. A place to put my feet.

By the time I was able to sit down to sew, it was after noon. And I had an 8:30 breakfast date this morning. Will she or won't she be able to meet her sewing goals in the allotted time? I can sew those cards in...6 hours! haha! Name that tune? How about name that sewing goal!

This is what the table looked like, once I got started.

Here's when I really got going...

And here's the end result. I finished the machine work last night, then got up at 5:30am, to do some beading and embellishment. I got 6 of the 9 cards finished in time for breakfast with...the six Itty Bitties!

More on that tomorrow, right now I've got to get to bed. I'm fading fast, and it's not a pretty picture. :)

P.S. All of my quilted cards measure 5" x 7", just in case you are interested...

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Vivian Helena said...

I understand the "dumping ground" feeling,, no matter how many flat surfaces I set up to work on, they always get covered with something else. Enjoy the holidays!