Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beautiful Vistas

Yesterday was spent on the road, driving around and around the county. I started before 7am, and on my way to the walnuts, witnessed the sunrise. Very pretty.

Our task was to take Chupacabra (the 10 year old stray who is now ours) to the vet, to be spayed.

Upon leaving Tulare, the view was take-your-breath-away.

I love seeing the snow-covered Sierras! My next destination was McDermont Field House in Lindsay, to talk about the upcoming Best of the Valley quilt show. (That's a dairy, off to the left.)

I love the contrast of the groves of oranges trees, full of ripe oranges, with the mountains in the background.

Or how about palm trees, with mountains in the background?

Does this place look familiar? I hope so. If you've been to Best of the Valley, this is where it has been held for the past two years. This is where it will be held again, come April 8-10, 2011.

Upon leaving Lindsay, I went back by the walnut property, to see how Chupa was faring.

I'd never approached our property from the south or east. See those big trees? Those are ours. :)

This is the approach from the east. You can barely make out the house through the trees. I had someone behind me, who was not appreciating my minimal speed on a country road.

The more time I spend out there, the better I like it.

I'm still not fond of the wafting odor of calf ranch, floating in from next door, but the serenity of the acres of trees is more powerful.

This is Chupa, about 5 hours post-surgery. She was supposed to stay indoors, but it was 61 degrees for the first time in weeks. (It's been 41 and holding.) My son wanted to do a bit of yardwork, so she stood watch as he worked.

The bad news about her surgery was the results of the bloodwork. Apparently she's in kidney failure. *sigh* I'm not sure what that's going to entail. My understanding is she'll need a special diet. The vet wants to talk to cow-vet hubby, and clue him in. Hopefully that will happen today.

And finally, I'll wrap up with this morning's sunrise. Pink sky at morning? Sailors take warning? I think it's pink because the cloud cover is back and dropping. After 61 degrees and clear skies yesterday, today should have been filled with seriously dense fog. It didn't show up here, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is elsewhere. And tomorrow, we'll probably once again be enshrouded.

Hope you enjoyed the scenic tour. I may have spent hours driving back and forth yesterday, but the eye candy sure made it enjoyable!

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Deborah said...

I hope she'll be ok. What a beautiful place you have.