Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Quick Update

Our college boy is visiting for the weekend. He came bearing a vanload of "gifts" for the Laundry Fairy.

This photograph does not do the load justice. That's a full-size van, FILLED with stinky boy clothes.

The Laundry Fairy has been busy. For the past few days she's been turning the stinky stuff into PILES of clean. *sniff, sniff* SO much better! :)

In between loads, I was able to finish up the Iris quilt for SIL Sharon. My goal today (I think the PO is still open...) is to box it and ship it. I may have missed my window. They may have closed at noon. I'd better call first.

Oh well. Even if I am delayed another couple of days, the quilt is DONE. Cross off #3, on my January Goals. Two down, three to go. Actually, #1 was bead twice a week. I'm falling behind on that goal, but I've exceeded #3 (which was to merely do the satin stitching). #2 (Finish the Flower Fades) is still possible, maybe, although the "enter in M-AQF fell by the wayside.

I am finding that setting monthly goals, rather than yearly or weekly, is proving to be quite productive. I definitely plan to do it again in February. Let's hope I have similar success!!

Gotta run!


gail said...

Wow, I thought having a girl in college was bad, but the boy has her beat!! Now just Febreeze the van and you are good to go. What a wonderful laundry fairy you are.

pb said...

Mel went to school in Texas and when he left each fall his mom would have all his shirts ironed ready to travel across county. He came home a Christmas with a trunk load of dirty clothes that she spent the entire Christmas vacation ironing and getting ready to go back. I went to work initially to pay for his laundrying of shirts not my cup of tea.