Sunday, January 2, 2011

Store? Or Wonderland?

There's a new store in town. It's one I've heard about for years, but never seen. I suspected it was a mid-West/East Coast rumor. "Everything you might want"? All under one roof? I admit, I was a skeptic. That is, I was a skeptic, until I walked through the sliding doors yesterday morning.

Welcome Hobby Lobby!!!

It's a magical place with SELECTION. Oh, my gosh!! No more will I have to set foot into JoAnn's, no longer will I have to wait in a line of 20 people for the single register open at Michaels! They've got what I want, whether it is upholstery fabric, buttons, art paper, drafting supplies, or 15 colors of foam core. All under one roof? I couldn't believe it.

My husband went with me. When he saw the kits for model cars and the rocketry section, he went looking for the trains. Well, I guess they don't have everything. They don't have model trains.

But they do seem to have everything else.

It won't be a place to dash in and find a single item - it looks like a place I'll want to go when I have an hour to browse and really take a look at their stock.

In the meantime, I found a black frog closure for a cape (I'd been looking for a month and hadn't found one) and gold button stars, exactly like the ones I used up on my Christmas cards.


Welcome to the neighborhood!!!


gail said...

1st time visiting your blog - Love the Father and quilting!! I haven't quilted in awhile, seem to have lost my "zest!!" however your picture of the Self Portait really caught me - is it of your making? Is it possible to purchase the pattern, I'm thinking if I start now I could make it for my 4 best bible study buddies!! (Hopefully it won't fall into my other UFO's!) Happy New Year

Suzanne Kistler said...

Hi Gail!

I'm glad you stopped by!

I need your email address to discuss my Self-Portrait.

It is not currently a pattern, but one can be put together easily enough. I hope you get this note, because this might be something worth pursuing.

Welcome to my blog!


gail said...

Hi Suzanne
Love your blog, my daughter currently lives near Seattle, WA and has a blog so it led me to check out others. My email is, I'd love to hear from you. I'm really enjoying seeing what's growing on your side of His wonderful land. Hope your day stays "blue!" PS. hope the car gets fixed to - I just had to have my windshield replaced - cracked by a rock in the road!

Barbara said...

Can't wait to go into Hobby Lobby. Haven't had a chance to go yet.

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