Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beard Appreciation

On Wednesday, there was a great article in the local Visalia Times Delta (John Branch, NYTimes) about "Keisel's Beard." It was accompanied by this Associated Press photo.

The article ends with "In a man, a good beard is a sign of good health, a good testosterone level, a good measure of general man-ness." Jack Passion, "full-time professional beard grower."

Mr. Keisel, meet your competition:

"Who's the man now, dog?*" ...Edgar

Or maybe this one: #1 youngest son. You're right, Adam, not many could rock that look! :)

I never thought I'd say it, but I think I've learned to appreciate the beard. (Then again, it has to be the right look on the right man...)

*Sean Connery, Finding Forrester


Del said...

You won't convince me. A moustache is okay, but a beard makes me think someone is hiding behind that hairy mat. And forget any smooching.
Funny - the secret word "scrac"!

Deborah said...

Pretty impressive beards.