Monday, February 14, 2011

A Cat and A Valentine

When I talk about our cats, Malcolm, Edgar and Charlie are the stars. Many people think we only have the three of them. But we don't. We also have a fourth cat, a spooky little almost blind little gal named Hecate. (It's pronounced Heh-Ka-Tee, like one of the witches in MacBeth.)

I have no idea where she spends her days. It is a mystery. But once the sun goes down, she's on our porch. And first thing in the morning, she'll even think about stepping foot inside.

This is about as close as she comes.

I go to get the camera, and she turns tail and takes off.

She used to be all white, with some Siamese tips to her face and feet. She's so dark now, that I often do not recognize her.

Even though she can barely see, that doesn't stop her from climbing trees or dancing across the rooftops.

You've heard of stop and smell the roses? She stops to smell the bamboo...or anything else around her. I am certain that she navigates by sound and smell and everything but sight.

I took a very nice picture of Pete's valentine, and Blogger flipped it. Flippin' Blogger!

For some reason, the lesser photo was acceptable.

Number 3 on my February Goals List was "Make valentines." I made one. One is better than none.

Do you like the beaded picot trim I created around the edge? That is the one skill I learned from Thom Adkins that made his class last year worth the time. The center heart is velvet.

And on that, I'll wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

***The new printer is an HP Photosmart Plus. It doesn't have any visible numbers. The blurb promised it would "print/copy/scan." The good news is that was 1/3 the cost of the last one, and the quality of photo printing is better. The bad news is that I can no longer do two-sided printing or booklets or any of the things I need to do for BOTV that apparently I took for granted. *sigh* Do I need to get yet ANOTHER printer?

I didn't know it didn't do these things until I tried to do them. terrific. And if two-sided printing is the very first thing I tried to do, you can assume, and be correct in assuming, that I use that feature daily. arg.

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