Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Playing Catch-Up and February Goals

So. Where did I find my laptop? **blush sheepishly** It, umm, was in, ummm, the bedroom with all of the quilt show stuff. Obviously I did not go in there looking for it.

Will you believe me if I say I forgot about that room? The door was closed.

umm,yeah. That's the truth. I'm so embarrassed. ;) Please don't mock me. Thank you. :)

Yesterday I just wanted to sew straight seams, so I sewed together the last few 2" strips from my icicle. This is what they made. Can you see the prairie points? I'm still smitten with them.

Here it is again. It's a bit tough to see, since I've pinned it on a pale background.

Goal #1 was to spend some time each week beading. Here is a peek at what I've been beading. It's going to take forever. And a day. If you click on the picture, you'll get a better view of the beads.

Finally, this morning, I added the beads to this card for my friend. It's her birthday present. I sat in my car after BSF and before meeting her for lunch. yeah, I was on a crazy time table. I didn't plan it out so well...

Lastly, it's time to make a February goals list. hmmm. Five was a good number. I was able to cross off two completely.

January's Goals

1) bead at least 2 sessions each week. - check
2) finish "The Flower Fades" quilt in time to enter it in M-AQF on Jan 20. - made some progress, but still incomplete
3) do the machine satin-stitch on SIL Sharon's quilt. - done
4) finish, "This is a quilt" piece for submission to SAQA before Jan 21. - done
5) tidy up Studio - made some progress, but still incomplete

Here's February's list of goals:

1) bead at least 2 sessions each week.
2) finish "The Flower Fades" quilt in time to enter it in BOTV on Feb 24
3) make valentines
4) begin piecing Rose Window
5) tidy up Studio

There. That's it. Should I have made the list longer? I want to get my submissions in to Sacred Threads. Should that be on the list? I need to take the photographs. No, I think that will get done, without being put on the list.

What about quilting and finishing the diamonds at the top of this post? No, it will be filler for a 2 hour space, not worthy of a slot on my goals list.

What about? yeah, what about it? ;) I've made the list, I've set the goals. I am really hoping to continue ongoing goals #1,5, and accomplish #2,3. They are of primary importance. To make the goals list, it needs to require a commitment of more than 5 hours.

Yes, Goals are good. Has anyone else set any for February?

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Lisa Ellis said...

I am happy to see Sacred Threads on your list of goals!

My Feb goal is to remember to send artists pictures of their quilts from Mid-Atlantic. So... if you have a quilt in the show, I am committed to get a photo of it hanging and to remember to send it when I get home.