Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Very Strange...

I've been busy. Sorry about my absence. Yesterday I sewed.

I was planning to post this afternoon (I have BSF and a lunch date this morning), but I got a query, asking where I was. "Why haven't you posted?"

Like I said, I've been busy.

But shoot.

I just took some pictures, to verify my industry, and now I'm looking for my laptop.

Yoohoo? Laptop? Where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

The last time I saw it was on Sunday, when I was cleaning the living room for our College/Career group. I put it in the basket, along with my card reader. That means that I can't download pictures either.

I'm now running late, but I've gone through the house twice. How hard is it to locate a very large Longaberger basket, loaded with a laptop? It should not be difficult at all. But it's not in the usual places. It should be in the Studio.

Maybe if it were a snake it would have bitten me by now.

But I have to go. I'll worry about it later.

I'm still alive. And I've been sewing. Not much, but some. ttfn**

**ta ta for now

***10 minutes later***found it! Now I'm REALLY late!

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Deborah said...

Glad you found it! I really like your idea of monthly instead of yearly goals.