Saturday, May 28, 2011


Here I am, at beautiful Asilomar, fully immersed in Session V of Empty Spools Seminars. I've spent the day with Jeannette DiNicolis Meyer, practicing techniques. Most of them have been familiar: "origami" (remember biscuit quilts? This is the biscuit, without the filling.), tucks, pojagi, inset circles, free-cut straight lines, cut-away piecing. The inset circle technique she taught us is better than the one I've used.

What's that? You're not familiar with pojagi? Check this blog post for more information.

We've got more techniques in store for us tomorrow.

I've seen a racoon and a deer, but my camera was too slow. There are other animals that caught my eye, that were slow enough to also be caught on camera.

I walked on the beach after lunch. At 1pm, it was sunny. I was so warm I had to take off my sweat shirt. By 5:30 pm, it was raining. This is what the beach looked like just before dinner.

Did I tell you that I swung by Penelope's house to get in some baby time before driving to Asilomar? She was pretty tired. Either that, or I'm pretty comfortable. ;)

She didn't sleep the whole time. She woke up enough to visit for a while. Such a cutie pie!

And I guess that's about it.

I'll have more later, if I remember to take pictures of my processes.

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Nina-Marie said...

Ohhh its so pretty there and Pen is a dolly!!! Can't wait to hear more!