Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Charlie, Addendum

Here he is, last night, with his IV, waiting for transport to the Emergency Clinic. Poor kitty, I miss you.

This afternoon, I thought he might be coming home, but it was not to be. By 2:30, he'd gone more than 24 hours without passing stool, so the vet started giving him enemas. Poor kitty. Just before I arrived, he finally passed something. What did he pass? Was it barium along with the usual bowel contents? No, it was not. It was thread. A lot of thread. And fiber. A third set of xrays confirmed the first vet's original assessment: linear foreign object. Not good.

Where did he get this thread and fiber? He did not get it from my Studio or any of my projects. He got it from this quilt. It was purchased from an antique store, and I love the floral fabric. I've had it on my bed all winter, as it has a wool blanket for a batt.

The quilt top is a shredded mess, so it is never exposed.

Here's a close-up, to show you how badly it's shredded.

It never occurred to me that the floral side would be a problem, but apparently it is pretty tasty. Charlie ate the thread, and Charlie ate the wool. I suspect the wool kept the thread from destroying his intestines. So far.

All I can say is that if you have a cutter quilt in your possession, please, please, keep it away from your pets. You may not mind what the animals do to the quilt, but what the quilt can do to the animals? That is a completely different story. Ours has not yet ended. Charlie is on fluids through the night, hoping to keep him hyper-hydrated so that he will continue to pass the contents of his colon. His colon appears jam-packed, so I'm guessing that tomorrow he'll be once again visited by the enema tech. Poor baby. :(


Diana said...

Hi, Suzie -

I fell in love with Chupa-doggy and you haven't mentioned him in a loooong time. I'm glad you were able to find out what is wrong with the kitty but could you give an update on Chupa-doggy?

I love dogs and I can't have one so Chupa-doggy captured my heart.

I use to live in Corcoran and belonged to the guild. I admire your work so much.

Thank you for sharing the beauty of your work.


Barbara said...

Oh, poor kitty. I hope all comes out smoothly! pun intended!

kat said...

glad things are progressing, fingers crossed! It would never occur to me that this sort of thing could happen - a warning but hopefully no long term harm done

quiltedtime said...

Glad the "culprit" was found. Threads can be vicious. I once thought my vacuum cleaner was "dead" because it wouldn't pick up anything. It turned out to be an extremely tight clump of metallic threads lodged halfway down the hose. It literally took a sturdy metal rod to get them out. I can just imagine how Charlie was feeling!