Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Growing Food

With the craziness that has been 2011, it's literally been months since I've been out to the walnuts to look around. The men have been out there every weekend, taking advantage of daylight and good weather. Today I finally got over there and brought my camera. wow. Things are really looking good.

#1 Son put in his garden first. Unfortunately his paying job keeps him away from his plants. Weeds are encroaching, and all of the radishes have gone to seed. But there are carrots, turnips, beets, lettuce and spinach that look edible.

He's given me permission to harvest, the next time I get out there. I may pull a few weeds as well.

In contrast, his dad is big on order and control. This is his garden, on the other side of the yard. Whereas Son went for quantity, Dad went for variety. He's got a little bit of everything.

Son waters with a hose, Dad likes the drip system.

Mom likes the volunteer flowers that pop up here and there.

There was even a pink one.

This is the fruit on the mystery tree...we're guessing they're peaches.

We know for sure that THESE are peaches.

The monster grapevine is covered with grapes.

Aren't they cute?

And finally, the walnut trees are covered with leaves...

And walnuts!
wow. It is truly amazing to see the changes that have taken place since early April. Just think. A couple more months, and we'll be feasting. I can hardly wait!

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