Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello Again!

Welcome back, Blogger! I've been denied access and missing posts and all kinds of things today. Glad to see that whatever was ailing it has been resolved! All it took was time and patience, right?

Yesterday I was driving out to the walnuts and did a double-take. In fact, I stopped, and did a u-turn on a narrow road, to go back and see if I was seeing what I thought I saw.

I'm used to seeing flocks of egrets, but black ones? What on earth are these? They were pretty excited. It looks like a farmer just planted his field, and they declared it the newest, most attractive restaurant in town.

I'm not sure how attractive I would have thought the meal. The field was being watered with manure water. How do I know that? How do you think I know that? ;)

I passed along a picture to a friend earlier this morning, and she called to identify the birds. She said they are most likely White-faced Ibis, which are sometimes found in Central California. She thought perhaps they might be Glossy Ibis, but they don't come this far west.

I'm not a birder, but birds do fascinate me. And this flock? Well, they definitely caught my eye! You can click on the pictures to enlarge. I dared not get any closer, because I did not want to frighten them.

My news on the quilt front is that I've finally, finally finished a quilt to submit to Houston. It's currently in the hands of a professional photographer, which will hopefully get me over that last barrier to acceptance. The quilt has lots of beading, and my photographic inadequacies become quite apparent when trying to capture beads. Let's hope he has better success than I. :)

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