Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I think I have Sweet Peas on the brain.

As a girl, they were always my favorite flower. Don't ask me why, I think we only grew them once, if that. Maybe it was the mystery of how something that looks like a dried up pea (I do not care for peas, at all) can turn into something so lovely.

In any event, strawberry season is also sweet pea season. One of the strawberry stands that I frequent sells posies alongside the strawberries. I bought some on Sunday, and realized that my stash is quite limited, when it comes to the colors of the sweet pea. Time to go shopping.

I already had the bulk of the mediums to lights, it was the range of darks that was lacking. After taking the picture, I found some more red violet in my purple stash. I'd been looking for it among the pinks. ;)

I'm thinking of taking these with me to Asilomar later this month. What better way to familiarize myself with an unfamiliar palette? If it looks good in sweet peas; hopefully it will look good in a quilt as well.

And speaking of Sweet Peas, here's a cutie...

yep. Needed another baby fix. I wonder if she slept last night?


Nina-Marie said...

More than once, I've been in a tizzy trying to get the value gradations of red just right - these are lookin' like they are gettin' there! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with them!

Del said...

I think your colors are right on! I always loved sweet peas because they were one of the first flowers after the sun came out again in Portland. Besides that awesome fragrance. I think your sweet pea is looking a little dubious. "You are taking my picture AGAIN?"