Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Little Bit 'o Shopping

While I was in San Carlos, I took a few minutes to duck into The Laurel Leaf, a few blocks from Penelope's abode. How thoughtful of her to live so close to a quilt shop!!

I didn't find what I had in mind, but I came out toting a bag anyway. Not exactly the "light lights" or "dark dark" that I was looking for, but they might work for another project.

This morning, I spotted yet another new-to-me iris, blooming for the first time. I am guessing, when I identify it as "Inyo." Inyo's description is: deep smoky violet self Beard – violet/blue
Finally, I've had sweet peas on the brain, since visiting Sweet Pea last week. I even went to the Farmer's Market yesterday, looking especially for them. To my dismay, there were sweet peas in every booth, but none were for sale. Apparently all of the farmers bought them from the farmer who actually grew them!

I lucked out this morning at the strawberry stand, and purchased his last two posies.

When I climbed in the car, my husband said, "I thought you were going to get sweet peas?" "yes." "Well, where are they?" ???? "Next to the strawberries." "Where?" "Sweet peas are FLOWERS." OHHH. He thought he was getting an extra veggie for dinner.

ahhhh, isn't that sweet? ;)

And now for my baby fix...I'm almost out of pictures to share!

Sleep tight, little Sweet Pea!

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