Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Losing Steam

Good morning! Today is the last day of Asilomar, and I'm worn out. I haven't taken enough time to walk on the beach. Maybe this afternoon...

I continue to see "animals" in the trees. People give me strange looks, as I stop and take pictures of these creatures. Maybe it was watching the most recent Alice in Wonderland that made this one grab my attention.

Here he is from another angle. Do you see him? shhh! Don't disturb him. He looks like he could be scary if he started moving.

We've finished up with our technique portion of the class, and have moved on to making "quilts." I worked all afternoon, assembling my sweet pea rainbow. The colors play well together, at least I know that. But art quilt? It's just not in me. I fussed and fidgeted and moaned and groaned, and then finally took away my attempt at an "art" background and made the color run into a baby quilt.

I was much happier, and able to walk out of the room without a sense of disgust.

This morning is another day, and the baby quilt now looks more like a quilt back, but it makes me smile.

Today I will work with my scraps, and see where they take me.

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Nina-Marie said...

LOL! read your entry and thought - been there - done that. I swear, I think I think that if I'm not mind dead and exhausted and thinking I lack any creativity what-so-ever - than I must not be getting my money's worth from jeannette's class! She always knew how to talk me through it though!