Thursday, May 26, 2011

A New Pretty

I've finished an icy little quilt piece, that is just for me. You can click on the picture to enlarge it. It has a couple of beaded snowflakes, prairie points, some scattered beads and wispy yarn. And then there's the fringe. ooh la la, I LIKE the fringe. :)

"Glacier Ice"
11" x 11.5" (plus fringe)
Suzanne Kistler, May 2011

We're still waiting on Charlie to move his bowels. I gave him free run of the house overnight, locking up Malcolm instead. I figured that the more exercise for Charlie, the better, but it didn't seem to work. He doesn't act too uncomfortable, but he REALLY wants to go outside.

In the meantime, he's adjusted well to the new bedding. Here he is at 11pm last night. I think it's good to be home!


pb said...

the ice quilt is absolutely beautiful. Love the fringe.

Sara Kelly said...

The fringe looks like delicious icicles. Love it.

Nina-Marie said...

wowowow - nice use of a monochromatic palette - its really hard to get it that pretty! Great job!

Barbara said...

Gorgeous piece.

I hope Charlie gets better soon.