Sunday, May 15, 2011

Old Cats and Other Things

We have a cat club, that has taken to hanging around our yard. Over the years, they've come through one at a time, slashing and snarling their way through our lives. Visit enough, beat up my cats, and spray my house one too many times, and you get a special spa treatment, free of charge. Twelve hours later, their fight has been removed, they disappear for a week or more, and then they come back. Sometimes they stay.

Yesterday I spotted our surliest clients against the fence, looking oh, so mellow. I don't suppose you can see the one behind the bush? He's stretched out on his back. I only saw him because the tip of his tail was twitching. Like a lion.

Hey! You woke me up! As long as they are not beating up my cats or spraying my house, they are more than welcome to just hang out and even grab a snack or two. They've paid the price for the privilege, believe me. ;)

Malcolm has taken to sneaking outside. I think he's jealous of the visitors. Here he's investigating a feather. He's glaring at the door, wondering why I keep closing him on the outside. He wants it all. He can't have it. ;)

In contrast, Charlie has become Mr. Friendly, deciding that he wants to be my best friend and help me ever-so-much. Of course he only wants to help when I'm trying to work on the computer or do some beading.

Yesterday I went to a bridal shower for one of the girls in our College/Career Fellowship. You may be familiar with the "make a gown out of toilet paper" game, but it was a new one to me. Duct tape would have been useful. ;)

Our group actually won the competition. Here is Naomi, our model, with Amber, the bride-to-be. Amber selected the winner modeling "the dress she might consider wearing." ;) The photo does not show the simple elegance of our design. The top had a layered off-the-shoulder look, set off with a small flower on one side. We also had a big bow in the back. :)

I found more sweet peas at the Farmer's Market. This blue-violet is the color I remembered sweet peas being. I need to take the bouquet back to my stash to do more "shopping" and expand my sweet pea fabric palette.

Too much fun...

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Barbara said...

You're buying sweet peas just to increase your fabric stash--good trick. :) I love sweet peas too.