Friday, May 20, 2011

Shop Hop Weekend

First off, I'll admit, I'm not much for shop-hopping. Crowds are not my thing, even if they are super-excited quilt show crowds. I know. I chair a quilt show. Don't say anything, it's part of my enigmatic personality. ;)

Anyway, this weekend is the Central Valley Shop Hop Weekend. woohoo, party! When asked if I was going to participate, I assured my friends that I have done some serious shopping over the past month or so, and I really don't need to add any more personal stimulus to the economy.

I was urged to swing by Thimble Towne anyway, just to see what Jeremy had up his sleeve. hmmm. When I walked in the door, Greg was taking mug shots.

Okay, so maybe they're not mug shots, they're pictures taken with Thimblina, the store mascot. She was really clowning around today, yuck, yuck. ;)

Sales were steady, and I actually came back a second time. (And walked out with a bag each time. *sigh*)

Barbara was serving up frito boats, and it's been a long time since I've had one. mmm. MUCH better than the nacho cheese sauce at the ball park, these were made with real shredded cheese.

But the real thing that drew me back? The snowcones. I am a sucker for snowcones, red and red. I chose cherry/watermelon, and it was terrific!

What's that? What am I doing quilt-wise? I finished sewing on my labels, and this morning, I filled out and mailed my entry for Houston. Fingers crossed, notification comes out by late July.

And now I've got some quilts-for-hire, just waiting for my attention.

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Quilt Crazy said...

Thimble Town really did a nice job for the Hop! We are so lucky to have such a nice Quilt Store in Visalia.