Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something Sunny

I just talked to the tech, the vet will call in a little bit. Charlie still won't eat (they've been force-feeding him), and he hasn't passed anything else. *sigh*

On a lighter note, here is a card I made for my SIL's birthday. Blogger thought tipping my pic would amuse me. It doesn't. I didn't focus on birthday, I just kind of went with the floral theme.

Yesterday a friend delivered a lovely gift. Love, love, love it!! I tried it on for the picture, but put it aside. I want to wear it at Asilomar! Thank you, Pat!!

And that's about it.

I'll be heading back to the walnuts today, to finish up my laundry. I have to give Sears kudos, for prompt delivery and set up. They were in and out, replacing washer AND dryer, in less than 20 minutes. That included haul-away and set up of the new appliances. Truly amazing.

While I'm out there, I'll try to get some pictures of Chupa for Diana. And I guess that's a wrap.

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