Monday, May 2, 2011

They Just Keep Blooming

This is Lori Suzanne. She's a space-ager. That means that her beards curl up towards the sky. Can you see them? It's particularly noticeable on the right petal. She came to me from my friend Jeanette. That's the only way I know who she is and what she is.

Likewise, this is her friend, Blue Staccato. She's a plicata. That means that her petals are bi-toned.

She's similar to Tennison Ridge, only he's plum and she's blue violet.

Who knew that if you checked my blog today you'd get a bit of iris education?

I think I've forgotten to mention that the quilt on my blog masthead, "More Glorious Than Solomon," has been juried into the 2011 Sacred Threads exhibit in Virginia this June. For more information on the exhibit, click here.

Last week I snuck in under a couple of entry deadlines, and am hoping to hear favorable results later this month. In the meantime, my quilt life, other than the retreat, has been less than vigorous, but I'm working on it!! I've definitely got a LOT of inspiration!! :)


Del said...

Thanks for the iris education. I love them almost as much as you do, but I don't have a lot of luck growing them from year to year. The soil is just too alkaline. And I am no longer a diligent gardener. I'm glad you had the retreat to put in some sewing time and just to get away. Good luck with your entries. Love, Del

Kathryn D. Duke said...

love these Iris...ours are blooming here in NC also...always thought I would make a wall hanging too...perhaps now??