Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zoom, zoom!

I spent the weekend at the Hartland Quilt Retreat. This has to be my favorite quilt retreat, nestled in the mountains near Badger. It's held at a Christian camp, and we have the opportunity for morning devotions, as well as fantastic food and 24 hour sewing, should we so wish. ( I don't, I like to sleep. ;)

The drive up was beautiful. The wildflowers are finally beginning to bloom. There are sporadic bursts of color, scattered among the hills.

Yellow was the predominant flower color, but that purply blue was also out and about.

None of my pictures of lupine or other flowers came out - they're either blurred or green. oh well. You'll have to take my word for it. I did stop, to get this beautiful meadow shot.

The usual residents were everywhere to be seen,
And I LOVED seeing quail, rather than tarantulas cross my path!

I took very few pictures at the retreat. They're the same as before, of women sewing, and fabric and smiles everywhere. The Camp grounds are just beginning to show signs of spring. Daffodils were blooming, and most of the deciduous trees had yet to show their leaves.

I spent my time indoors, sewing. I worked on a quilt for Penelope.

Hmmm...Should I put the blades like this?

Or like this?

Lavender in the center wins.

When I finished the star, I started on my son's College Grad quilt. He graduated in 2007. It's going to take me a while...

Alas, the weekend ended all too quickly. I drove up on Friday, I drove home on Sunday.

Oh, what a gorgeous drive it was! At every turn there's a chance to glimpse the Sierras. Will this be the photo?

On this close-up, I couldn't figure out what the "contrails" in the sky were. It wasn't until I loaded it on the computer that I realized I'd zoomed so much I thought the mountain was the sky and the foothill the mountain!

The trees block the view, and it's really tough to capture the beauty.

Finally! I caught the entire ridge, but it's far away...

Last chance, and bingo! I think I got it!

And I guess that's a wrap. It was good to get some stitching done, however briefly...

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