Saturday, July 9, 2011

All Finished

Well, I've done it. I've finished my Hoffman. I still have to sleeve and label it, but the hard part is behind me. yay!

The thing that cracks me up about this quilt is that I did not intend to make a Hoffman this year. It just kind of happened. It came about as a result of my class at Asilomar, with Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer. And during that class at Asilomar, we'd both agreed that I wouldn't do a Hoffman this year. Crazy the way things work out.

It's been too hot to begin work on my next show quilt, because it's been too hot to think. This was just mindless, gentle repetition. Beading is almost like hand-quilting, only it requires more space and better coordination. But just like hand quilting, you see the patterns and new designs emerge under your finger tips, adding depth and dimension to the flat surface. I love watching the transformation of something nice, to something unique and pleasing to the eye.

At least I think this is pleasing to the eye. Those who have seen it in person seem to really like it. Now to finish it and hopefully get it to CO by Friday. Goals are good!

"No Time for Tradition"
19" x 22"
Suzanne Kistler, July 2011

machine pieced, machine quilted, hand embellished (beads & embroidery)


Sara Kelly said...

You've featured the Hoffman fabric beautifully. Love the beaded fringe. Can't wait to see it in person.

Diana said...

It is lovely. I wish that I could actually see it. Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing it with us.

Barbara said...

It's beautiful--can't imagine how much better it looks in real life.

quiltedtime said...
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quiltedtime said...

You and your work are awesome, Suzanne.


Kay said...

This is beautiful, and very unusual. That beaded fringe makes me gasp--what patience you have!

Lisa said...

This quilt is really gorgeous!