Sunday, July 31, 2011

This n That

This week has been a whirlwind. I've been trying to play catch-up (read "clean the house) since returning from WA, but haven't made much progress. I did find out that I left my phone charger in the Hampton Inn. They will ship it back next week. yay.

On Friday we took a break and went to the Long Beach Quilt Festival. I didn't take many pictures. There's so much to see I was busy looking. :) This quilt, at the entrance in the West Coast Wonders exhibit caught my eye. I love the way she broke the piece into two separate quilts. It really is stunning.

You can read about it here:
The only other pictures I took were quilts of friends. You've seen this before, it's part of the 2010 Hoffman Challenge traveling collection and was made by Kay Scheidt.

This one is by Kay Pennington, again, part of the 2010 Hoffman Challenge collection.

This one is by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer. It was in the Celebrate Spring exhibit. It won Honorable Mention at the show in April.

Those are the only pictures I took. For the most part, I just looked and looked.

On another note, a friend's husband heard I was looking for a storage box for my beads. Before you could say "Jack Robinson!" he'd built this. It is mine.

I chose my own knobs, which I bought and he installed. The cabinet is oak and walnut. The knobs are crystal, made in Germany. yeah, my mom raised me with expensive taste.

Without doing the math, I thought I might be able to squeeze it into my cabinet, so I took out the mess that was already in there.

I should have known better. The space is 26", the box is 25", but the opening is only 24". No way can I get it inside. *sigh*

Instead, I've booted my embroidery machine from this cabinet machine, and have given the box a place of prominence. Unfortunately there are only four drawers. ( I can barely lift it.) I have more beads than box at the moment, and that's BEFORE my latest purchases.

Another friend is clearing out her bead stash on eBay, and so far I've "won" 4 lots. I've got bids on another 15, so I may end up having to build a whole room, not just buy another box...

Thanks Mel!!!

Gotta run....


pb said...

looks so cool, I knew that it would. All the white in one place?

Barbara said...

Looks like you need to get your friends husband to make you another few boxes for your beads. What a great bead stash.

quiltedtime said...

Thanks for the pic of my quilt, Suzanne. It's been gone so long....was like meeting up with an old friend when I saw it at Long Beach.

Kay said...

What a nice surprise to see my quilt! Thanks so much. As quiltedtime said, it's been gone a long time, but should be home soon I guess.

That's a beautiful cabinet--that man's a gem.