Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Too Hot to Think

It's been hot around here. If you're from around here, you know that is nothing new. It is always hot in the summer. But this year we had a marvelous miraculous spring, which was extended for months by continuous rainfall. I was lulled into a false sense of well-being, and feel like 100+ is a cruel joke being played on all of us.

Can't we have a cooler summer, all summer long, just once? Pretty please?

I deal with it by doing chores before noon, and then playing in the Studio until dinner time. Only it's too hot to play. I just want to lie back and eat bon bons. I don't eat bon bons. Instead, I chug ice water and crunch ice as though I'm in a Nathan's ice-eating contest. I could be a contender. :)

This morning's "chore" focused on cleaning the back bedroom. When I finally got back to quilting-for-hire, I cleared my sewing table by transferring everything to the bed next door. I've been stashing things on the bed next door for 3 months. The bed was full.

As I cleared off the bed, I found all kinds of marvelous things, things that had completely disappeared from memory. Like a bag FULL of aquamarine beads, that I bought at the bead store back in May. I'd completely forgotten them.

I found a Rubbermaid shoe box, filled with beads that I'd purchased in Long Beach and at PIQF. I remember buying some of them, and had been looking for them for months. Apparently I'd put them in a "safe place."

I found many bits and pieces meant for quilted cards. I actually made three cards today, but again forgot to pull out my camera before sealing the envelope. I should store my camera next to the stamps when I am making cards.

These two will go out in tomorrow's mail.

I also found several small (less than 12") quilts that are partially completed. I may finish some of them.

It's really a bummer that I actually have some long spans of quality time available right now. It's too hot to think, so I can't work on anything demanding precision or care. *sigh* Welcome Summer!

And the pile on the bed? Well, it's still there, but quickly dissipating. Just like my brain cells in the heat.

Stay cool!


loralie said...

I still have several things I've put in a "safe place." I figure I'll run across them someday....

Barbara said...

Wow - finding all those wonderful things is like opening Christmas presents. And i agree with you, it's too hot to do too much. Luckily I have a fun right above me when I sew so I can keep relatively cool at the machine.

quiltedtime said...

Yes, I too, found my beads today. In the utility room pantry. Go figure. I am trying to clear out my sewing room so I can, SEW in there. The heat definitely does not help. I just bought a ceiling fan as well, Barbara. Got to get things cleared away so the electrician can actually install it. I wonder what they think of us quilting fanatics.


Deborah said...

What fun to find lost treasures. Hope it gets cooler.